Our Mission, Vision, & Pledge

Our Mission

Every family that comes into our doors is our family, and every family that comes out of our doors should feel thankful and relieved they pre-planned and came to Our Lady of Peace during the most difficult time of their lives.

And that is our passion!

Our Vision

There is wisdom in planning ahead. We dream that one day, every family will pre-plan, so that no more wife or husband, or son or daughter, shall deal with the loss of a loved one, alone and unprepared financially and emotionally.

 Our Pledge

True to our vision and mission statements, every employee and sales counselor of Our Lady of Peace is bound by the following pledge:

On my honor
I pledge
That I shall do my duty
To the best of my ability
Ever mindful
That in so doing
I shall have lived up
To the highest ideals of service
Greater than the motive of service to self…
And with the Divine Providence’s guidance
I may serve my fellow men
With self-respect, honesty, and integrity
In the moments of their greatest needs
So help me God!