Plan Ahead

Reasons to Plan Ahead

When there is death in the family, SOMEONE must deal with the most difficult tasks on the most difficult day of one’s life. Without a Pre-Need Plan, your loved ones will not know what to do!

With a Pre-Need Plan, your family will be covered with these protections
  • Protection against LUMP SUM PAYMENT – Payable on easy installment terms. Buying during the need requires full payment in cash.
  • Protection against UNPAID OBLIGATIONS – Unpaid balance is erased in case of death during the paying period, if you qualify.
  • Protection against INFLATION – The price of you plan will not increase, regardless of cost of service at the time of need.
  • Protection for all FAMILY MEMBERS – Pre-Need Plan is fully transferable and assignable, protecting all family members.
  • Protection against UNDESIRABLE LOCATIONS – A variety of prime properties at affordable prices are still available to choose from.
  • Protection against UNWISE DECISIONS – Pre-Need Planning takes the burden off your loved ones during the saddest day of their lives.

Your PEACE OF MIND and that of your family is too important to be left to chance! The consequences are both emotionally devastating and financially draining.

The wrong way to deal with the problem
  • R – Records prove that wives meet this ordeal alone in 7 out to 10 cases
  • E – Engulfed in grief and sorrow
  • G – Gone is the privilege of Pre-Need Planning
  • R – Ready cash is required for this emergency
  • E – Emotion impairs sound judgment
  • T – Thoughtless delay has proven costly

Or with REGRET, the indifferent and negligent wrong way!

The right way
  • W – Wife and Husband select together
  • I – In a normal and clear frame of mind
  • S – Security for the entire family
  • D – Deferred installment plan available
  • O – Opportunity for a wide range of choices
  • M – Money saved at today’s lower prices.

Only you can choose. Will it be WISDOM, the thoughtful, loving right way?