New Developments

March 2018 Updates


The First SUV-Hearse on Guam

Our Lady of Peace  has just introduced another first in the funeral industry on Guam. We just acquired the first SUV-Hearse to keep up with ever changing demands of our customers. The hearse is actually a 2018 Chevy Suburban that was locally converted  into a hearse, right here on Guam.

Actually, there are no stores or shops that manufacture or sell hearses on Guam. All hearses you seen on Guam are regular american cars such as cadillac and lincoln sedans that were converted into hearses by shops in the mainland United States that specializes in altering or converting cars into extended vehicles such as limos and hearses.

In the beginning we were not sure if families on Guam  are ready to accept a different vehicle for the last ride of their loved one. The first use the new SUV-Hearse was very encouraging. Families loved to see their loved one ride in style for the last time. This is the first time we saw people line-up just to take selfies of themselves with a hearse. Our second SUV-Hearse will be arriving around May 2018.




Embalming Facility Upgrade

One open secret Our Lady of Peace’s success is its philosophy of putting back into business a portion of its earnings to development and improvements of its facilities. Our Lady of Peace embalming facility is currently undergoing renovation and new embalming equipment just arrived. After renovation, the facility will double in size and all embalming equipment will be brand new including Embalming Stations, Embalming Tables. A new 3-HR capacity chiller will also then double our capacity to preserve human remains while waiting for preparation. Our company is investing a lot to keep up with ever changing technology in the death care industry.


New Viewing Equipment

New Viewing Equipment made of stainless steel  were also added to our inventory of viewing equipment as part of our modernization program. We are proud to announce that Our Lady of Peace also invested in these new equipment and will continue find ways to provide only the best equipment for the satisfaction of the families it serve.


Additional Toilets at the Park

We’re glad to note that the only major concern we heard from our customers during the last All Souls’ Day aside from difficulty in parking is lack of toilet facilities.

To address this, a new toilet facility will soon rise by the entrance to the maintenance area to make it more accessible to families visiting at the Family Vista Estate, Family Vista Columbarium, Garden of Devotion and Garden of Memory.

Another toilet facility is planned for families at the Holy Family Estates, Garden of the Holy Family, Pines Garden Niches. A separate facility will be built for families at the Garden on the Mount area.


Wi-Fi Facility

Both our Barrigada and OLOP Memorial Gardens Viewing Chapels are now equipped with Wi-Fi Capability to make it possible for families to connect with their loved ones who cannot attend family viewings.


Future Feature



Another Our Lady of Peace Innovation is coming. Soon, members of families who could not attend family viewing and funeral of their loved ones for whatever reason may join their families via the internet through e-viewing and e-burial in real time.