Cremation is an alternative manner of disposition where human remains are cremated instead of being buried or interred. There are two types of cremation services:

  • Direct Cremation – A choice of the family to directly cremate the remains of their deceased loved one without the benefit of procedures and ceremonies otherwise present in a traditional funeral service such as: preparation of the body, casketing, public viewing, mass, and full body burial or interment.
  • Cremation with Viewing – is just like a traditional funeral service where the body is prepared and placed in a casket, brought to church for public viewing and mass, but cremated after the ceremonies.

Cremation Process

Cremations are performed in accordance with applicable governing laws, rules and regulations, policies and procedures of Our Lady of Peace, viz:

  • Cremation must be authorized in writing by the deceased legal next-of-kin.
  • The deceased must be positively identified in writing by the legal-next-of-kin or his/her authorized representative who must know the deceased.
  • Death Certificate and Cremation Permit must be secured before cremation.
  • Cremains must be released to the legal-next-of-kin or his/her authorized representative.
  • Any type of battery or power cell device contained within the deceased body must be removed before cremation.


At Our Lady of Peace, families can memorialize their cremated loved ones by inurning or interring their cremains in specially designated places called columbaria. A columbarium is a place where cremains are inurned and families can visit any day just as they visit their loved ones buried or interred in garden lots or niches.


An urn is a container designed to hold cremains. It can be made from wood, ceramic, marble or granite.