Time of Loss

What to Do After A Death

If a loved one has died, we are very sorry for your loss and are here to help you. Our Lady of Peace is just a phone call away. You may visit us at our main office in Barrigada or our trained representatives can meet you at a place most convenient for you.

One of the greatest difficulties families go through when a loved one passes away is gathering important information and documents necessary to proceed with the funeral service, such as:

  • Personal Statistics and History
  • Family Financial Status
  • Bank Accounts
  • Insurance Policies
  • Loans
  • Memorial Instructions
  • Living Will Information and Declaration
  • Veteran and Social Security Information and Benefits

Visit us today and we will provide you a free Personal Emergency Portfolio where you can put your vital information to help your family when the need arises. Our professional memorial counselors will also advise you on what to do when death occurs in the family.