Casketed Burial

The people on Guam, being predominantly Catholic, still prefer the traditional manner of burying their loved ones in caskets rather than cremating them. Our Lady of Peace offers many options when it comes to traditional interments. Full body interments may be buried in ground plots or above ground, either in individual niches or family estates and mausoleum. Whether one is buried underground or in a niche, or whether one is cremated or buried the traditional way, families can remain together if they plan ahead while properties are still available.

Ground Burial

Interment grounds at Our Lady of Peace are grouped and classified into several types according to location and descriptive development in the area. For example, the highest point of the Memorial Gardens where three 50-foot high crosses stand is called the Garden on the Mount; The area where the Bronze Statue of the Holy Family stands is called the Garden of the Holy Family; and the area where the marble statue of St. Joseph stands is called the St. Joseph Garden.

The center area is called the Sacred Heart Area where a 7-foot marble statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus stands. The Sacred Heart Area is further divided into Garden of Devotion, Garden of Joy, Garden of Love, and Garden of Hope. To facilitate mapping, tracing, or location, each garden is divided into blocks and each block is subdivided into several lots. Burial plots are classified and priced according to proximity to roads and path walks. Within the Sacred Heart Area, lots closest to the road or path walks are classified as Extra-Special Premium (ESP) and are the most expensive. As lots are located further away, they are classified as: Extra-Premium, Premium, and Regular Lots.

Family Properties

For families who prefer their loved ones to be interred above ground, Our Lady of Peace has built and will continue to build properties according to their preferences. For families who wish to be together in one location, private mausoleums such as the Family Court Estate, the Family Vista Estate, and the Holy Family Estate were developed and immediately sold out. The latest Family Mausoleum constructed was the Windward Hills Family Mausoleum where only three family units are still available for sale.

For some medium-sized families or families who prefer a combination of above ground interment and ground burial, we offer another type of family property consisting of two above ground niches, four units of bone vaults or columbaria, and five single ground burial lots.

For families who prefer single above ground interments, we have individual niches in open fields and on covered courts that can be purchased individually or in pairs while still available.


Demographically, they say that Guam has the highest number of veterans in all of the United States. In the Guam Veterans Cemetery, only qualified veterans and their dependents may be buried but Guam is a family oriented close-knit community where families want to be together even in choosing their final resting place.

By planning ahead of time, families can be together in one location at Our Lady of Peace, veteran or non-veteran. The truth is many veterans choose to be buried at Our Lady of Peace not only because of the beauty and tranquility it provides, but because many of their family members are either already buried at Our Lady of Peace or not qualified to be buried at the Veterans Cemetery.

For families who own properties at Our Lady of Peace and have some members already buried at the Veterans Cemetery, Our Lady of Peace has a Veteran Memorial where the names of their veteran members may be engraved to provide sense of togetherness and as a way of memorializing them even if they are not buried at Our Lady of Peace.